A Million Miles is not your typical YA novel in many ways... The realness of the book is novel and refreshing. The dudes of Crimson + Clover are endearing, tragic and overall kind of disgusting, as teenage dudes in bands (and even non-teenage dudes) will be. Maddy is attracted to them at points, but the book is far from some romance novel about hooking up with a rock star. It’s a book about loving music and being young. And it’s a book about growing up, too."

  - Brenna Ehrlich / MTV

"Sex, drugs, rock & roll--and a quick-witted girl with glasses. In her debut novel, Amy Fleisher Madden has written a singular coming of age story you won’t soon forget and won’t want to put down." 

- Marcy Dermansky / author of Bad Marie and Twins

"Madden writes about the things we wish our favorite bands wrote about, the dirty little secrets that die hard fans would kill to know."

- Morgan Hayes / idobi.com

"A Million Miles plays out like an Almost Famous for anyone whose version of Stillwater came up playing in VFW Halls. Part throwback to a bygone era, and part tribute to the kind of friendships that only music can foster, no matter what your background, you're bound to see part of yourself in this wide-eyed story."

- Trevor Kelley / co-author of Everybody Hurts

Amy Fiddler, Former Indie Record Label Entrepreneur Publishes Debut Novel About "the Ultimate Music Fan" 

- Abel Folgar / The New Times

"A Million Miles is meant to impact the next generation of kids inspired to create something real--possibly the way classic movies like Almost Famous exposed a dream of music for a lot of people." 

- Tyler Hayes / Vinyl Me, Please

"The novel takes you on the road in the most raw way you’ve seen yet. The glitz and glamour of rock ‘n’ roll excess is traded for tales of what really goes down in between set times and bass lines."

- Emillie Marvel / Idobi.com